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The Mission

Our mission is to build solid bonds as the foundation of the family core so that generational wealth passes down for years to come. 

The Vision

Our vision is to help every family create bonding experiences that are irreplaceable, unforgettable, and unique to each.

The Values

No matter your background, culture, relationship state, or upbringing, every family deserves the best. Skyrocket into familial and financial bliss.

Meet The Founders


Rich Christiansen

Rich Christiansen is the person you think of when it comes to finding someone to help guide your family towards balance, success, and bonding at its finest. 

But, it hasn’t always come easy, and that’s why his story is relatable to so many busy parents and why it is his mission to share it with the world. Rich lives by these words from his mentor Stephen Covey:

“You can replace many things in this world; you can replace cars, money, jobs, and more. But the three things you cannot replace are your health, your trust relationships, and most importantly, you cannot replace your family.” 


Rich has gone on to become a successful entrepreneur, humanitarian, mentor, and thought leader. He is also the author of the best-selling book, The Zigzag Principle, co-author of Bootstrap Business: A Step-By-Step Business Survival Guide, and co-author of a book written with his son Tim called Even if Your Toes Turn Purple: Raising Teenagers that are Confident, Happy, and Stand Out.

Rich and his wife Gaye are the proud parents of five sons and a daughter they sponsor from Nepal and grandparents to eight beautiful grandchildren. In their free time, the Christiansen family enjoys exploring the outdoors and are always up for an adventure.  

The joy and gratitude Rich experiences in his life were made possible by learning how to embrace, bond, and build his family legacy. Now, it’s his mission to help you do the same.


Scott Ford

Scott Ford’s entrepreneurial spirit began as a young child when he would perform magic shows at friends’ birthday parties. And, from there, it has unfolded into the successful businessman he is today. 

His father’s philosophy that small business and entrepreneurship are the backbones of the economy triggered him to create the business mindset that has helped him help countless others.  

Early in Scott’s career as an insurance salesman, he witnessed many business owners lack the knowledge of money management and miss out on opportunities to maximize their earning potential. Because of this, Scott made it his mission to help other business owners pursue true wealth to experience financial freedom.  


Today, Scott is Managing Director, Partner & Wealth Advisor of Carson Wealth in Hagerstown, MD and Johnson City, TN. He is a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) and has been an active Financial Technical Analyst since 2005. His firm specializes in comprehensive wealth management with his Way2Wealth proprietary process. 

His talents don’t stop there. He has also published three books including Financial Jiu-Jitsu: A Fighter’s Guide to Conquering Your Finances, The Widow’s Wealth Map: Six Steps to Beginning Again, and the New York Times Bestseller, The Sustainable Edge: Fifteen Minutes a Week to a Richer Entrepreneurial Life. 

Married to his wife Angie, they have two children and three adorable grandchildren that add to their life’s joys. 

Scott is living proof that with a determined mindset, entrepreneurial and family success is possible.

Meet the Legado Family Team

Andrea Reindl
Angela Cooke
Courtney Gresham
Jessie Whipp
Kelsy Toker
Lucy Skrypnek
Madison Roland


“I think that this workshop really provides you with the opportunity to be able to sit down and define what you and your family really values and what they stand for; the priorities that they have in the family.”

The Hodge Children

“I think it's really hard to overstate the value of getting together and having meaningful conversations within a structured environment that can bring everybody together.”


“I think that this is a great workshop and is a great opportunity for any family that is open to learning and growing and improving both personally and together as a family.”

The Mahoney Family

Build Family Legacies  helps families upgrade their relationships through a program consisting of five different modules that include detailed lessons and structures crafted carefully to enhance lasting ties and strengthen bonds. 

It provides the ultimate roadmap to building the best family legacy your family could ever imagine and no other brand can do it better.

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