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As the primary influence of your family, every choice you make for your family matters.

You may feel pulled in all different directions at all times, making it a struggle to balance family, work, and all of life’s extra responsibilities.

Think about how much time you spend at your desk instead of your home. How many of your outside priorities have prevented you from taking part in your family life? Are you the one guiding your family as their ultimate leader?

Time is fleeting and finding the time to set your family up for success isn't always easy.

That’s why the Legado Family has made it our mission to help parents lead their children with value. We make a positive impact among families by building better bonds and growing generational wealth that lasts.

Legado Family makes setting your family up for success attainable and easy-to-access.

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Many families that have businesses and become wealthy fail to pass their wealth on successfully onto future generations. It all boils down to a lack of understanding or open communication with their children on how to benefit from what’s already been established.

Wealth isn’t the only thing that can get lost from generation to generation. Family values also struggle to maintain their core strength and can become diluted if families aren’t careful to pass down meaningful principles along the way.

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Image of a Legado Family Mom and Dad with their daughter

That’s why our partnership with your family takes care of every detail that matters and allows you to feel reassured that your family’s legacy is destined to go in the direction that is right for you. 

Years of professional and personal experiences have been used to provide you with frameworks that are proven to work and lead your family to its ultimate destination – security and happiness

Legado Family prides itself on being innovative and the first of its kind to help families foster their relationships through confident leadership and proven techniques to leave your family’s legacy solid and secure.

How Legado Family Supports Your Family

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Saves you time by taking years of research and delivering all the information you need to lead your family with confidence.

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Programs that are self-paced and convenient, making it easy to make progress with each family’s unique circumstances in mind.

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Uses proven step-by-step processes to break down vital information through videos and workbooks for all ages, so the whole family can follow the content and confidently participate.

Legado Family bonding with your kids icon

Makes the process enjoyable while helping you get on your children’s level and build bonds that they are excited to create.

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Will set you up to leave your family legacy better than you found it. It’s never too late to make an everlasting impact. Let us help you get it right.

Legado Families in Action

Discover Programs Built For Your Family

“I invite you to join me as I guide you through the steps to strengthen bonds and unify families, creating a solid foundation for family structure, utilizing family videos, family activities, family symbols and much more.”


What Others Are Saying

“My biggest aha moment was the amalgamation between the leadership and strategy principles with family. I think it might be tough for some people to see it, but I believe if you go into it with an open mind, families will get a lot out of it.”

Andrew Kim

“I think the biggest takeaway for me (and I think for us), was that we were able to have conversations here that were structured and facilitated conversations that we've never had before.”

The Hodge Family

“If you're someone who's looking for guidance, someone who knows generally what you want but don't have a system, don't have a structure for creating the legacy that you would like within your family both financially and culturally, then this program is a chance to get that work done.”


“Going into this, I wasn't really sure how I could take the things that I learned about in the book and apply it, but I feel like through the workshop we have been given some very valuable tools to apply these things we’ve learned into our lives.”

The Mahoney Family

Get the Greatest Return on Investment in Your Family

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